The Crystal a unique project by LCO, Bernd Spiecker and millions of original Swarovski crystals.

Nothing in the world can spread light as a diamond. Nobody brought this amazing effect closer to our mind then Swarovski.

Based on this, Bernd Spiecker, Founder and Head of design at LCO created a absolute unique piece of Art & Design. „THE CRYSTAL“ Superfine brushed stainless steel in combination with absolute clear and stable Plexiglas design to create a super luxury classic bench as the ultimate shining and sparkling design object.

Over 800 special programmed RGB-LED Lights are creating a programmed colorful animation from inside of the bench, below the millions of Swarovski crystals. Additional any external appearing light, any spot, flash or sunlight is creating visual explosions from any point of view This object has already been exhibited at many exhibitions and events and is privately owned by the artist.

Many thanks to Maxx Hermann who was the man behind the camera and made it possible to catch the amazing effects.

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