In Istanbul and Izmir the Shopping-mall operator Özdilek Holding integrated our lightbench classic, the lightbench arabian, the lightcube and the lightswirl as super decorative, comfortable, emotional and easy to clean objects into the ÖzdilekPark Malls.

Our LightCubeObjects provide eye-catching places to rest. Unique spots of integration allow the visitors to use this little emotional break to focus on the next spots around and to increase the shopping experience.

Our objects are suitable and comfortable during day and night. The light & color controlling could be integrated to the technical center management and adjusted to time, daylight, special atmospheres or events.

The innovative LED technology offers a powerful output of programmable atmospheric light for many years without required maintenance or service. The special nano-sealed Acryl is super resistant, super hygienic, easy to clean and even Graffiti or markers could be removed without any trouble.