The City of Heinsberg become already famous in 2007 by winning the international City-People-Light-Award regarding the amazing illumination of the local „Burg- und Kirchberg“.

Now in 2019 it’s time for something new and even more amazing. The famous LightArt Installation P.H.A.S. – „Please have a seat“ of LBO and the Artist Bernd Spiecker will be permanently installed around the „Lago Laprello“. The local recreation area with a wonderful hiking area around the lake will be surrounded by 16 light & communication spots (lightbench classic) visible from everywhere to create amazing, relaxing atmospheres during dawn and night. The programming of the LED will create relaxing smoothly changing pictures and reflections to become a new fantastic highlight to visit the Lago Laprello all year around. The chosen LED technology and programming is certainly adapted in frequencies and timing to respect & preserve the nature.